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Back to School WINNER!

Congratulation to Tristan J who won our back to school basket full of School Supplies!!
Congrats to our other winners who aced our back to school quiz! If your name is listed here Come in to get your free CANDY BAR!!!
Jamie M.        Ashley T.     Jaylee S.      Christiana D.    Tyler J.        Camry M.        Sara F.
Emmy E.        Jason D.       Taylar J.       Jenifer E.          Shayden C  Bruce C.          Chansamone O.
Savannah S     Azairea H.   Strattons       Catherine M    Kaity V        Tanner B.        Taylor W.
Jaden J.          Cammie J     Brooke P.     Kaitlyn M.       Tylin D.       Tristan J.          Tiana   Josh M
Tiara S.         Anna D.        Davi P.          Raiden L         Sharky P.     Shyann P.         Breanne D

Back To School, Back To School

It's back to school at Anderton Orthodontics! Now through September 20th you will get $500 off a full set of braces! If you refer anyone who starts with us they will receive the discount and you will have your name entered to win $1,000!! Everyone Wins!! Call or stop by today!! 435-865-9111

July Guitar Winner!